Ashridge House Wedding

An Ashridge House Wedding is such a unique day! The staircase where the ceremonies take place is simply stunning! I don’t know another venue like it. The bride appears at the top of the staircase and walks slowly down to greet her husband to be. It has to be one of the most romantic places for your wedding ceremony. Based near Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire, couples come from all over the UK and of course from London to get married there. The dining room has the most amazing ceiling and the grounds go on forever!

Reasons I love Ashridge House as a wedding venue:

That staircase! There is no other wedding venue that I know that has such a grand staircase that is used as part of the ceremony. It’s the most amazing backdrop

The quality of the customer service. I see many venues that don’t look after the bride and grooms and their guests. However, Ashridge House look after everyone so well. They even look after the photographer which is always a good sign!

The grounds are amazing. I could photograph weddings there every week and not use the same environment. The buildings and grounds offer so many photo opportunities. Visit their website at

The main staircase at Ashridge House with the bride arriving for the wedding.

The main staircase at Ashridge House is stunning. What a way for the bride to enter the wedding.

Bridesmaids on Ashridge House Staircase

The bride and her father walking down the stairs at Ashridge House

The bride making an entrance at Ashridge House

The bride and groom at their wedding at Ashridge House

I love the different angles for the photographs of the wedding at Ashridge House.

There are not many venues where you can get an image like this of the rings being exchanged.

Ashridge House is happy for guests to throw confetti

Guests are allowed to throw confetti inside the wedding venue – something lots of places don’t allow

Couple photo in the grounds of Ashridge House

The grounds offer so many photo opportunities and time for the bride and groom to be alone.

Ashridge House from the outside at a wedding

What a backdrop for your wedding day.

Wedding Reception at Ashridge House

The wedding reception rooms have lots of natural light which is great to photograph guests enjoying themselves

The Beautiful Marian Alford Room at Ashridge House

The stunning Lady Marian Alford Room

Ashridge House Wedding Reception

Ashridge House Wedding - The main staircase at Ashridge House with the bride and groom after their wedding

No wedding at Ashridge House would be complete without a dramatic staircase photo!

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