Oatlands Park Wedding

Here is a wedding that I have been looking forward to for a long time. Especially after Katy and Deans recent pre-wedding shoot. Its so apparent that these two have such a great connection. This was my first time at Oatlands Park Hotel. Its a great venue with so many interesting areas for a photographer. This was a great fun wedding with just one or two tears along the way. I hope you enjoy this preview.

Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 001Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 002Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 003Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 004Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 005Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 006Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 007Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 008Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 009Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 010Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 011Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 012Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 013Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 014Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 015Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 016Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 017Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 018Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 019Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 020Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 021Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 022Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 023Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 024Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 025Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 026Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 027Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 028Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 029Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 030Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 031Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 032Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 033Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 034Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 035Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 036Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 037Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 038Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 039Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 040Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 041Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 042Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 043Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 044Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 045Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 046Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 047Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 049Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 048Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 050Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 051Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 052Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 053Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 054Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 055Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 056Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 057Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 058Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 059Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 060Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 061Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 062Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 063Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 064Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 065

Sean Gannon Wedding PhotographerOatlands Park Hotel Wedding 066

Margot Spratley - Fabulous photos!!! What lovely memories xxx

Tony Speakman - Great work Sean – obviously a few things I can learn from you – but as I said she’s beautiful AND photogenic so that helps a lot – but I am biased!

Elaine Condon - Absolutely beautiful

Mandy Pagram - Amazing photos beautiful bride and groom and the bridesman looked good too

Lesley Seddon - lovely lovely lovely

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Richmond Park Engagement Shoot

Katy and Dean are getting married in just 10 days. Normally I photograph the pre-wedding shoot earlier but everyone was short on time. It was a stunning evening last night as we met in Richmond Park and took a walk. They are very natural together and it feels like they have been together for 50 years they know each other so well. Here is a small selection of their pre-wedding images. The wedding will be next on the blog.

Wedding Photogrpaher Sean Gannon 001Wedding Photogrpaher Sean Gannon 002Wedding Photogrpaher Sean Gannon 003Wedding Photogrpaher Sean Gannon 004Wedding Photogrpaher Sean Gannon 005Wedding Photogrpaher Sean Gannon 006Wedding Photogrpaher Sean Gannon 007Wedding Photogrpaher Sean Gannon 008Wedding Photogrpaher Sean Gannon 009Wedding Photogrpaher Sean Gannon 010

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Wedding at Pembroke Lodge

Wedding at Pembroke Lodge

Its only been a few weeks since I photographed Sara and James (and their dog Ted) in Wimbledon on a very crisp morning. Their wedding day weather was bit different but being at Pembroke Lodge, the weather could not dampen anyones spirits. After the craziness of the girls getting ready, there was a lovely ceremony in the Belvedere Suite. The atmosphere all day was great and the speeches after the wedding breakfast were funny and touching with a fantastic surprise speech by Sara’s uncle who wrote and entire rhyming speech. After the first dance, the dance floor never went quiet. It was a fantastic day all round and here is just a sneak peek.


Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0011Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0021Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0031Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0041Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0051Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0061Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0071Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0091Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0101Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0111Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0121Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0131Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0141Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0151Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0161Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0171Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0181Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0191Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0201Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0211Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0221Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0231Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0241Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0251Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0261Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0271Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0281Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0291Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0301Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0311Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0321Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0331Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0341Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0351Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0361Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0371Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0381Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0391Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0401Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0411Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0421Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0431Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0441Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer 0451

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Engagement Photography London – Sara and James

Engagement Photography London – Sara and James

It was early last Saturday morning when I met up with Sara and James and their lovely dog. They get married at Pembroke Lodge next month and it was great to see them again. We started at sunrise by Cannizaro House in Wimbledon and them went for a walk. Here is a small selection of images from the shoot.

Sara and James 002Sara and James 008Sara and James 016Sara and James 022Sara and James 030Wedding in Colour Full Resolution 2

Katie Lynch - Absolutely beautiful pics Sara! xxx

Louise Blekkenhorst - Love it xx

Mark Nortcliffe - Great images Sean Gannon Good to see you again today. Mark

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Lake Como Wedding Photographs

Dijana and Martino are such a nice couple! As they live in Barbados, we had only really communicated by email and Skype. However, I knew they were going to have an amazing day. With the wedding itself in Switzerland and the reception in Italy, it was always going to look amazing. I felt so welcomed when I arrived with Dijana and her family, despite my lack of Italian. The service was in an amazing church with stunning views and was followed by drinks and canapés on the lawn before the guests left to cross the border into Italy.

Dijana and Martino made a great entrance at the Villa where they had more drinks and food with their guests before the wedding breakfast with some guests inside and some out. The DJ who had been entertaining guests all afternoon kept the dance floor full from the very first song. This was a great wedding that was well worth the travel.

Lake Como Wedding Photographs 001Lake Como Wedding Photographs 002Lake Como Wedding Photographs 003Lake Como Wedding Photographs 004Lake Como Wedding Photographs 005Lake Como Wedding Photographs 006Lake Como Wedding Photographs 007Lake Como Wedding Photographs 008Lake Como Wedding Photographs 009Lake Como Wedding Photographs 010Lake Como Wedding Photographs 011Lake Como Wedding Photographs 012Lake Como Wedding Photographs 013Lake Como Wedding Photographs 014Lake Como Wedding Photographs 015Lake Como Wedding Photographs 016Lake Como Wedding Photographs 017Lake Como Wedding Photographs 018Lake Como Wedding Photographs 019Lake Como Wedding Photographs 020Lake Como Wedding Photographs 021Lake Como Wedding Photographs 022Lake Como Wedding Photographs 023Lake Como Wedding Photographs 024Lake Como Wedding Photographs 025Lake Como Wedding Photographs 026Lake Como Wedding Photographs 027Lake Como Wedding Photographs 028Lake Como Wedding Photographs 029Lake Como Wedding Photographs 030Lake Como Wedding Photographs 031Lake Como Wedding Photographs 032Lake Como Wedding Photographs 033Lake Como Wedding Photographs 034Lake Como Wedding Photographs 035Lake Como Wedding Photographs 036Lake Como Wedding Photographs 037Lake Como Wedding Photographs 038Lake Como Wedding Photographs 039Lake Como Wedding Photographs 040Lake Como Wedding Photographs 041Lake Como Wedding Photographs 042Lake Como Wedding Photographs 043Lake Como Wedding Photographs 044Lake Como Wedding Photographs 045Lake Como Wedding Photographs 046Lake Como Wedding Photographs 047Lake Como Wedding Photographs 048Lake Como Wedding Photographs 049

Nick English - Great set of photos Seas (as usual!)
I particularly like the silhouetted one! What a stunning venue to work at aswell

sanja - Beautifuuuuuullllll!!!!!!!!!!! Wish we could be there!!!!!
Sanja and family

Silvestar-Sandra Safradin - Prelepo, zelimo vam sve najlepse od srca!!!!!

Mara Dubravac-lesko - Belissimi,no ho mai visto le foto cosi belle.Che l’amore e entusiasmo vi leghino sempre l’ uno all’altra come quel giorno………..vi voglio bene.

Kuma Mara

Slavica Bajo - slike su belisime komplimenti samo se volite i pazite ljubi vas ujna i ujko, volimo vas puno auguri

Slavica Bajo - slike su belisime komplimenti samo se volite i pazite ljubi vas ujna i ujko, volimo vas puno auguri

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Greyfriars Wedding Photographs

Becky and Ben are a lovely couple and I was really looking forward to their wedding. We met over a year ago and got on straight away. I was delighted that their venue was Greyfriars just outside of Guildford. Both Libby and Gary who own and live at the venue couldn’t be nicer. The boys were unusually ready when I got to them in the morning and we had time for a few images before I went to see Becky. Its always a good sign when the Champagne is open when the girls are getting ready. After the service, Ben and Becky made a grand entrance down the steps before the reception drinks in the amazing sunshine. After dinner, everyone was invited outside to light a sparkler as a lovely tribute to Becky’s mother. It was a lovely moment before the dancing really got underway. Here is a small selection of images from their lovely wedding.

Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 001Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 002Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 003Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 004Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 005Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 006Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 007Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 008Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 009Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 010Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 011Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 012Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 013Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 014Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 015Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 016Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 017Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 018Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 019Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 020Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 021Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 022Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 023Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 024Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 025Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 026Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 027Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 028Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 029Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 030Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 031Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 032Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 033Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 034Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 035Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 036Greyfriars Wedding Photographs 037

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