Hampton Court Wedding

Its only been a few weeks since Steven and Berenice’s pre wedding shoot by the river in Kingston and now their day has arrived. Berenice lives only a couple of doors away from her parents so decided to get ready there. It was the usual quiet before the storm with Berenice staying calm throughout! The traffic almost made me miss the start of the wedding which would have been the first time in 300 weddings! I got there as she walked up the aisle arm in arm with her father!

The afternoon was very relaxed and there was a great atmosphere at the wedding breakfast. It was lovely to not only be sat with guests but with Matt and Lou Brown who have become friends through their wedding band BareGroove. After the food, we got some lovely sunset images before the dancing and partying started. Everyone was definitely up for a good night!

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Lake District Wedding Photos

What an amazing couple of days it was sharing Mark and Pauls wedding at Broadoaks Hotel in the stunning Lake District. It all started with a quiz and an early night on the Friday before the Big Day. The Lake District is a stunning area and a playground for any wedding photographer. Paul and Mark are an amazing couple and after more than 15 years together act like they have just started going out! Its rare to have an outside wedding in the UK and even rarer for the weather to behave itself. After a lovely relaxed afternoon and the wedding breakfast, the calm lake district night was filled with an amazing firework display. I have to mention the Aston which was a great talking point of the weekend. Unfortunately, it had to be returned on the Monday. Thats assuming it was returned…..

Lake District Wedding Photographer 001Lake District Wedding Photographer 002Lake District Wedding Photographer 003Lake District Wedding Photographer 004Lake District Wedding Photographer 005Lake District Wedding Photographer 006Lake District Wedding Photographer 007Lake District Wedding Photographer 008Lake District Wedding Photographer 009Lake District Wedding Photographer 010Lake District Wedding Photographer 011Lake District Wedding Photographer 012Lake District Wedding Photographer 013Lake District Wedding Photographer 014Lake District Wedding Photographer 015Lake District Wedding Photographer 016Lake District Wedding Photographer 017Lake District Wedding Photographer 018Lake District Wedding Photographer 019Lake District Wedding Photographer 020Lake District Wedding Photographer 021Lake District Wedding Photographer 022Lake District Wedding Photographer 023Lake District Wedding Photographer 024Lake District Wedding Photographer 025Lake District Wedding Photographer 026Lake District Wedding Photographer 027Lake District Wedding Photographer 028Lake District Wedding Photographer 029Lake District Wedding Photographer 030Lake District Wedding Photographer 031Lake District Wedding Photographer 032Lake District Wedding Photographer 033Lake District Wedding Photographer 034Lake District Wedding Photographer 035Lake District Wedding Photographer 036Lake District Wedding Photographer 037Lake District Wedding Photographer 038Lake District Wedding Photographer 039Lake District Wedding Photographer 040Lake District Wedding Photographer 041Lake District Wedding Photographer 042Lake District Wedding Photographer 043Lake District Wedding Photographer 044Lake District Wedding Photographer 045Lake District Wedding Photographer 046Lake District Wedding Photographer 047Lake District Wedding Photographer 048Lake District Wedding Photographer 049Lake District Wedding Photographer 050Lake District Wedding Photographer 051Lake District Wedding Photographer 052Lake District Wedding Photographer 053Lake District Wedding Photographer 054Lake District Wedding Photographer 055

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Pre Wedding Shoot in Richmond

Its only a couple of weeks until Paul and Mark get married in the Lake District. They have an amazing day planned in such a beautiful location. We spend the morning by the river in Richmond for their pre-wedding shoot. We had a great time and they are so well suited. I am really looking forward to their day and also seeing some of my other couples that will be attending.

Paul and Mark 001Paul and Mark 002Paul and Mark 003Paul and Mark 004Paul and Mark 005

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London Engagement Photography

Freya and James first met me at a wedding at Clandon Park last year. They are getting married in Cambridge in September and I am really looking forward to their day. Freya works in Westminster and the South Bank is important to them so it seemed the obvious place to photograph their pre-wedding shoot. I love the textures and tones of the South Bank and its ever changing. There is even a mini beach there for the summer! I hope you like this small selection.

London Engagement Photography 001London Engagement Photography 002London Engagement Photography 003London Engagement Photography 004London Engagement Photography 005London Engagement Photography 006London Engagement Photography 007London Engagement Photography 008London Engagement Photography 009London Engagement Photography 010London Engagement Photography 011London Engagement Photography 012

London Engagement Photography

Jennifer Sinclair - amazing photographs

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Kingston Engagement Photographer

Steven and Berenice are getting married in a few weeks. I will know a few people at the wedding which is always lovely and helps guests to relax as I take the images. We spent a lovely hour or so by the river in Kingston as the sun was going down. The two of them get on so well and clearly can’t wait to get married. Here is a small selection from the shoot, I hope you like them.

Engagement and Wedding Photography in Kingston by Sean Gannon

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Oatlands Park Wedding

Here is a wedding that I have been looking forward to for a long time. Especially after Katy and Deans recent pre-wedding shoot. Its so apparent that these two have such a great connection. This was my first time at Oatlands Park Hotel. Its a great venue with so many interesting areas for a photographer. This was a great fun wedding with just one or two tears along the way. I hope you enjoy this preview.

Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 001Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 002Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 003Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 004Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 005Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 006Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 007Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 008Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 009Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 010Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 011Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 012Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 013Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 014Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 015Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 016Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 017Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 018Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 019Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 020Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 021Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 022Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 023Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 024Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 025Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 026Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 027Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 028Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 029Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 030Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 031Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 032Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 033Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 034Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 035Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 036Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 037Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 038Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 039Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 040Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 041Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 042Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 043Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 044Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 045Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 046Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 047Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 049Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 048Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 050Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 051Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 052Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 053Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 054Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 055Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 056Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 057Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 058Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 059Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 060Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 061Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 062Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 063Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 064Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding 065

Sean-Gannon-Wedding-PhotographerOatlands Park Hotel Wedding 066

Margot Spratley - Fabulous photos!!! What lovely memories xxx

Tony Speakman - Great work Sean – obviously a few things I can learn from you – but as I said she’s beautiful AND photogenic so that helps a lot – but I am biased!

Elaine Condon - Absolutely beautiful

Mandy Pagram - Amazing photos beautiful bride and groom and the bridesman looked good too

Lesley Seddon - lovely lovely lovely

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