Gaynes Park Winter Wedding

Gaynes Park Winter Wedding

I first met Victoria and Alastair over 18 months before the wedding. Winter weddings always give a really different intimate feel to the day. The boys were a hive of activity when I got to them in the morning and Alastair’s fathers house had amazing windows that most photo studios would love! One of the colour themes was orange which you can tell by the custom cufflinks and the socks that all the boys had. Victoria got ready in the cottage at Gaynes Park. Its a lovely environment to get ready and overlooks the ceremony room.

While the weather wasn’t most favourable, Victoria and her father still made the classic ‘Long Walk’ through the garden to the ceremony room. Most weddings have readings and occasionally something else. However, I have never seen a groomsman twist a horseshoe into a heart shape with his bare hands!!!

After the reception drinks and some couple photographs, everyone headed for the warmth of the barn. The food was amazing and the speeches very entertaining. The Chocolate fountain and the sweet trolly went down very well with everyone. Victoria and Alastair had a guest sign their first dance. Then the dance floor came alive. Only pausing for the cheese and meat board appeared.

Here is  a selection of images form their day.

Wedding in Colour 0011Wedding in Colour 0021Wedding in Colour 0031Wedding in Colour 0041Wedding in Colour 0051Wedding in Colour 0061Wedding in Colour 0071Wedding in Colour 0081Wedding in Colour 0091Wedding in Colour 0101Wedding in Colour 0111Wedding in Colour 0121Wedding in Colour 0131Wedding in Colour 0141Wedding in Colour 0151Wedding in Colour 0161Wedding in Colour 0171Wedding in Colour 0181Wedding in Colour 0191Wedding in Colour 0201Wedding in Colour 0211Wedding in Colour 0221Wedding in Colour 0231Wedding in Colour 0241Wedding in Colour 0251Wedding in Colour 0261Wedding in Colour 0271Wedding in Colour 0281Wedding in Colour 0291Wedding in Colour 0301Wedding in Colour 0311Wedding in Colour 0321Wedding in Colour 0331Wedding in Colour 0341Wedding in Colour 0351Wedding in Colour 0361Wedding in Colour 0371Wedding in Colour 0381Wedding in Colour 0391Wedding in Colour 0401Wedding in Colour 0411Wedding in Colour 0421Wedding in Colour 0431Wedding in Colour 0441Wedding in Colour 0451Wedding in Colour 0461Wedding in Colour 0471Wedding in Colour 0481Wedding in Colour 0491Wedding in Colour 0501Wedding in Colour 0511Wedding in Colour 0521Wedding in Colour 0531


Dream Machine Mobile Disco - Great photos Sean the uplighting we provided looks amazing

Somjit Primrose - Just fabulous photos! So pleased that we could be with you on your special day. Keep smiling you two and hope to see you both in the not to distant future. God bless.

Kathy Spence - Fantastic Photo’s- well done

Sarah Baldwin - Beautiful, amazing, different and full of fun and emotion. Just stunning, can’t wait to see the rest. Thank you so much, they will be treasured by many.

Blossom Lewis - By the way don’t like Seans name scrawled so large across the pictures and shouldn’t really be there at all hope it won’t be on the final photos Grandy

Grandy - Really great pics, Sean really captured the happy party mood, the last one is really beautiful and I see what you mean about the photo of me!

Claire Gill - Amazing photos Sean

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Rivervale Barn Yateley Wedding Photographer

Rivervale Barn Yateley Wedding Photographer

Here is my last wedding of 2013 (number 58, I believe). Linsey and James are a lovely couple. We have met a few times including their recent engagement photo shoot and they are such a lovely couple and it felt like I had known them for years. On the morning of the wedding, we met Linsey at her uncles house where we were welcomed by everyone. I delivered a card and a present to Linsey which also included a white feather. It has significant meaning for Linsey and was a lovely touch by James. The service was delivered by Father Tom who is a proper character. He turned the couple around and had his back to the congregation so that they could see the couple getting married.

Rivervale is a great Christmas venue. They had a huge tree behind the top table and the lighting was very Chrtistmassy. After the emotional speeches, we had the first Dance. YMCA and Gangnam Style went down very well! Here is a small selection from the day. Feel free to share or comment.

Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 1 1Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 2Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 3 1Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 4Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 5Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 6Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 7Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 8 1Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 9Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 10 1Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 11Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 21Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 12Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 13Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 14Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 15Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 16Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 17Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 19Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 18Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 20Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 22Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 23Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 24 1Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 25Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 26Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 31Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 30Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 27Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 28 1Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 29Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 35Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 36Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 37 1Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 33Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 34Wedding in Colour Web Resolution 32

Rivervale Barn Yateley Wedding Photographer

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Hedsor House Wedding Photos

Hedsor House Wedding Photos

This was my first wedding at Hedsor House. What an amazing venue that Vicky and Duncan chose! Even on a wintery day, the place just lit up! Vicky already knew that I was going to get a shot of her dress hanging over the balcony although I am not so sure everyone else was as relaxed about it! The ceremony was in the main hall with the live band playing on the walkway above. There were plenty of smiles and Duncan’s son was very excited to be the ring bearer. With a nice long reception, everyone got to relax and enjoy the drinks and canapés. The dramatic weather allowed me to get some interesting couple shots around the grounds. After dinner, the speeches kept everyone entertained. These led on to the surprise firework display outside. The band continued to entertain from the first dance through the whole night. Here is a small selection of their images. Feel free to share or leave a comment below.

 Hedsor House Wedding 001Hedsor House Wedding 002Hedsor House Wedding 003Hedsor House Wedding 004Hedsor House Wedding 005Hedsor House Wedding 006Hedsor House Wedding 007Hedsor House Wedding 008Hedsor House Wedding 009Hedsor House Wedding 010Hedsor House Wedding 011Hedsor House Wedding 012Hedsor House Wedding 013Hedsor House Wedding 014Hedsor House Wedding 015Hedsor House Wedding 016Hedsor House Wedding 017Hedsor House Wedding 018Hedsor House Wedding 019Hedsor House Wedding 020Hedsor House Wedding 021Hedsor House Wedding 022Hedsor House Wedding 023Hedsor House Wedding 024Hedsor House Wedding 025Hedsor House Wedding 026Hedsor House Wedding 027Hedsor House Wedding 028Hedsor House Wedding 029Hedsor House Wedding 030Hedsor House Wedding 031Hedsor House Wedding 032Hedsor House Wedding 033Hedsor House Wedding 034Hedsor House Wedding 035Hedsor House Wedding 036Hedsor House Wedding 037Hedsor House Wedding 038Hedsor House Wedding 039Hedsor House Wedding 040Hedsor House Wedding 041Hedsor House Wedding 042Hedsor House Wedding 043Hedsor House Wedding 044Hedsor House Wedding 045Hedsor House Wedding 046Hedsor House Wedding 047Hedsor House Wedding 048Hedsor House Wedding 049

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Chinese Wedding Photographer

Chinese Wedding Photographer

Here is a selection from Debbie and John’s wedding at Fanhams Hall Hotel.  A great wedding with some traditional Chinese traditions like making the guys go through hell in the morning and tea ceremonies. The whole day was so relaxed and friendly. In the evening, everyone transferred to Yi Ban Restaurant by the City Airport for traditional Chinese food and more celebrations.

Chinese Wedding Photographer 0012Chinese Wedding Photographer 0022Chinese Wedding Photographer 0032Chinese Wedding Photographer 0042Chinese Wedding Photographer 0052Chinese Wedding Photographer 0062Chinese Wedding Photographer 0072Chinese Wedding Photographer 0082Chinese Wedding Photographer 0092Chinese Wedding Photographer 0102Chinese Wedding Photographer 0112Chinese Wedding Photographer 0122Chinese Wedding Photographer 0132Chinese Wedding Photographer 0142Chinese Wedding Photographer 0152Chinese Wedding Photographer 0162Chinese Wedding Photographer 0172Chinese Wedding Photographer 0182Chinese Wedding Photographer 0192Chinese Wedding Photographer 0202Chinese Wedding Photographer 0212Chinese Wedding Photographer 0222Chinese Wedding Photographer 0232Chinese Wedding Photographer 0242Chinese Wedding Photographer 0252Chinese Wedding Photographer 0262Chinese Wedding Photographer 0272Chinese Wedding Photographer 0282Chinese Wedding Photographer 0292Chinese Wedding Photographer 0302Chinese Wedding Photographer 0312Chinese Wedding Photographer 0322Chinese Wedding Photographer 0332Chinese Wedding Photographer 0342Chinese Wedding Photographer 0352Chinese Wedding Photographer 0362Chinese Wedding Photographer 0372Chinese Wedding Photographer 0392Chinese Wedding Photographer 0402Chinese Wedding Photographer 0412Chinese Wedding Photographer 0422Chinese Wedding Photographer 0432Chinese Wedding Photographer 0442Chinese Wedding Photographer 0452Chinese Wedding Photographer 0462Chinese Wedding Photographer 0472Chinese Wedding Photographer 0482Chinese Wedding Photographer 0492Chinese Wedding Photographer 0502Chinese Wedding Photographer 0512Chinese Wedding Photographer 0522Chinese Wedding Photographer 0532Chinese Wedding Photographer 0542Chinese Wedding Photographer 0552Chinese Wedding Photographer 0562Chinese Wedding Photographer 0572Chinese Wedding Photographer 0582

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Nanteos Wedding Photography

Alice and Ivor are an amazing couple. Both just 24, they have both just qualified (Doctor and Nurse) and moved back to their small town in North Wales. Ivor contacted me the night that my appearance on the One Show was broadcast to book me for their wedding at Nanteos. We have met a few times since and I photographed their pre wedding shoot a few weeks ago. After the most amazing drive through the Elan Valley, I arrived and spent some time with the boys before heading over to see Alice who seemed much more calm than anyone else that morning!

The wedding was at a small church nearby and Ivor looked quite nervous as the music started. His big smile returned as soon as Alice walked down the aisle! Despite the threat of a hurricane, the weather stayed on our side for the majority of the day. The wedding breakfast room was very full and the atmosphere was great. By the time the speeches started, everyone was in high spirits! This was very evident as soon as the music started. Ivor and Alice had a fantastic day and seem so happy. They are now off to Iceland for their honeymoon! Different from many couples and I am really jealous!

Here is a selection of their images. Feel free to comment and share.

Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 001Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 002Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 003Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 004Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 005Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 006Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 007Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 008Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 009Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 010Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 011Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 012Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 013Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 014Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 015Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 016Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 017Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 018Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 019Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 020Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 021Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 022Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 023Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 024Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 025Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 026Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 027Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 028Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 029Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 030Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 031Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 032Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 033Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 034Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 035Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 036Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 037Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 038Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 039Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 040Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 041Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 042Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 043Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 044Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 045Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 046Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 047Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 048Nanteos Wales Wedding Photography 049

Nanteos Wedding Photography


Nick English - Great photos Sean, loving the fisheye shots!

Cath Ruff - Fabulous pictures. x

Sue Morgan - beautiful and amazing pictures. captured the dau well.

Chris Cook - all looking amazing

Judith page - These photos are absolutely stunning! Congratulations to the happy couple!

Fe Daguio Thomas - Beautiful pictures and it was a great wedding:)

Fe Daguio Thomas - Beautiful pictures and it was a great wedding of Mr.and Mrs.I.Thomas,I’am so proud.:)

Lorraine Jones - stunningx

Carol Morgan - Amazing pictures x

Hannah Taylor - Amazing x

Ann Griffiths - So good. Can’t wait to see the rest. Thanks for the memories. Hope the drive back was uneventful. xxx

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Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography

I don’t think that Rebecca and Simon could have ever expected such nice weather on their October Wedding day. When we met for their pre wedding shoot in London a few weeks before, it was colder and darker! This was my first time photographing at Wasing Park and the first time I have photographed a wedding on my birthday! Rebecca got ready on site with friends and family adding to the relaxed atmosphere. The ceremony itself was lovely and you can see the real connection between them both. I love the look that Rebecca gives Simon as she comes up the aisle.

With the drinks reception outside in the grounds, everyone seemed to really enjoy the afternoon. Wasing has some fantastic grounds including a church which makes it a photographers playground. The atmosphere during the wedding breakfast was fantastic. Lots of conversations throughout the room and Rebecca and Simon spent lots of time talking to guests. After dinner and the speeches were very entertaining.

I don’t think I have ever seen a band set up so quickly at a wedding before. They got the party underway and there was even an impromptu guest appearance from one of the guests. As I left the wedding, the dance floor was absolutely buzzing. Here is a small selection form the day.

Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 001Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 002Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 003Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 004Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 005Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 006Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 007Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 008Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 009Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 010Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 011Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 012Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 013Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 014Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 015Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 016Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 017Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 018Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 019Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 020Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 021Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 022Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 023Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 024Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 025Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 026Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 027Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 028Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 029Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 030Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 031Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 032Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 033Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 034Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 035Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 036Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 037Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 038Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 039Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 040Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 041Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 042Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 043Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 044Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 045Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 046Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 047Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 048Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 049Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 050Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 051Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 052Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 053Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 054Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 055Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography 056


Kate - Lovely photos capturing a magical day!

Jenny Yohannes - What beautiful photos! Becca looks absolutely stunning and I love little Annie’s dress. You look good too Margaret.

Margaret Clark - Fabulous photos and such a great day. mum x

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