Nanteos Wedding Photography

Alice and Ivor are an amazing couple. Both just 24, they have both just qualified (Doctor and Nurse) and moved back to their small town in North Wales. Ivor contacted me the night that my appearance on the One Show was broadcast to book me for their wedding at Nanteos. We have met a few times since and I photographed their pre wedding shoot a few weeks ago. After the most amazing drive through the Elan Valley, I arrived and spent some time with the boys before heading over to see Alice who seemed much more calm than anyone else that morning!

The wedding was at a small church nearby and Ivor looked quite nervous as the music started. His big smile returned as soon as Alice walked down the aisle! Despite the threat of a hurricane, the weather stayed on our side for the majority of the day. The wedding breakfast room was very full and the atmosphere was great. By the time the speeches started, everyone was in high spirits! This was very evident as soon as the music started. Ivor and Alice had a fantastic day and seem so happy. They are now off to Iceland for their honeymoon! Different from many couples and I am really jealous!

Here is a selection of their images. Feel free to comment and share.


Nanteos Wedding Photography


Nick English - Great photos Sean, loving the fisheye shots!

Cath Ruff - Fabulous pictures. x

Sue Morgan - beautiful and amazing pictures. captured the dau well.

Chris Cook - all looking amazing

Judith page - These photos are absolutely stunning! Congratulations to the happy couple!

Fe Daguio Thomas - Beautiful pictures and it was a great wedding:)

Fe Daguio Thomas - Beautiful pictures and it was a great wedding of Mr.and Mrs.I.Thomas,I’am so proud.:)

Lorraine Jones - stunningx

Carol Morgan - Amazing pictures x

Hannah Taylor - Amazing x

Ann Griffiths - So good. Can’t wait to see the rest. Thanks for the memories. Hope the drive back was uneventful. xxx

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Wasing Park Berkshire Wedding Photography

I don’t think that Rebecca and Simon could have ever expected such nice weather on their October Wedding day. When we met for their pre wedding shoot in London a few weeks before, it was colder and darker! This was my first time photographing at Wasing Park and the first time I have photographed a wedding on my birthday! Rebecca got ready on site with friends and family adding to the relaxed atmosphere. The ceremony itself was lovely and you can see the real connection between them both. I love the look that Rebecca gives Simon as she comes up the aisle.

With the drinks reception outside in the grounds, everyone seemed to really enjoy the afternoon. Wasing has some fantastic grounds including a church which makes it a photographers playground. The atmosphere during the wedding breakfast was fantastic. Lots of conversations throughout the room and Rebecca and Simon spent lots of time talking to guests. After dinner and the speeches were very entertaining.

I don’t think I have ever seen a band set up so quickly at a wedding before. They got the party underway and there was even an impromptu guest appearance from one of the guests. As I left the wedding, the dance floor was absolutely buzzing. Here is a small selection form the day.

Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-001Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-002Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-003Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-004Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-005Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-006Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-007Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-008Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-009Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-010Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-011Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-012Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-013Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-014Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-015Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-016Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-017Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-018Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-019Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-020Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-021Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-022Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-023Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-024Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-025Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-026Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-027Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-028Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-029Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-030Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-031Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-032Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-033Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-034Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-035Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-036Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-037Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-038Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-039Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-040Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-041Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-042Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-043Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-044Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-045Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-046Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-047Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-048Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-049Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-050Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-051Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-052Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-053Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-054Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-055Wasing-Park- Berkshire-Wedding-Photography-056


Kate - Lovely photos capturing a magical day!

Jenny Yohannes - What beautiful photos! Becca looks absolutely stunning and I love little Annie’s dress. You look good too Margaret.

Margaret Clark - Fabulous photos and such a great day. mum x

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Dubai Wedding Photographer One and Only Arabian Court

I am very fortunate to photograph weddings at some of the best venues throughout the UK.  I regularly shoot in Scotland and have even photographed a wedding in Capri. Being asked to photograph Tordy and Bans wedding in Dubai was an amazing opportunity. I met them at Leah and Andys wedding last November. For their day, it was almost snowing. However for this wedding, it was in excess of 36 degrees!

The wedding was scheduled for just before sunset so I went and spent some time with Tordy and her bridesmaids beforehand. Having met a lot of them before, I felt incredibly welcomed. It was a fantastic atmosphere with many people flying in especially for the ceremony. The ceremony was in the adjoining One and Only Mirage hotel. I have never been driven so fast in a golf buggy to get there ahead of the bride.

The ceremony was amazing with the sun setting behind everyone. We managed to get some sunset images just as the sun quickly disappeared. Dinner and speeches were back at the Arabian Court which is a beautiful open air square in the middle of the hotel. Then, it was straight into dancing. The first dance was actually a surprise for Tordy as Ben had arranged himself and the ushers and best man as a Backstreet Boys tribute act! With minimal preparation time, they did a fantastic job with a medley of songs! After that, the dancefloor was buzzing all night. Here are just a few images from their wedding. Feel free to comment and share.

Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 001Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 002Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 003Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 004Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 005Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 006Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 007Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 008Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 009Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 010Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 011Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 012Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 013Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 014Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 015Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 016Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 017Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 018Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 019Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 020Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 021Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 022Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 023Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 024Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 025Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 026Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 027Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 028Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 029Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 030Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 031Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 032Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 033Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 034Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 035Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 036Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 037Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 038Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 039Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 040Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 041Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 042Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 043Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 044Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 045Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 046Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 047Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 048Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 049Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 050Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 051Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 052Dubai-Wedding-Photographer-One-and-Only-Arabian-Court- 053

Dubai Wedding Photographer One and Only Arabian Court

GAY HALL - Beautiful pics Sean. You really captured the magic of the day.

Jayne and Chris - Just to say how fabulous my niece looked and Ben looked very dashing – love to you both we had a marvellous day – photos are stunning !!

Mike Parnell - Just awesome pics. What beautiful people you are. I am so proud of you both. The Old Chap x

Kelly Ebdon - Wow amazing photos they are beautiful! X

laura - Amazing photos of a truly amazing day. So special xxx

Katie - Beautiful pictures to match a beautiful day. Great job Sean! x

Susan Barbara Sutherland - Beautiful pictures capturing the stunning Bride on her amazing day !

Tordy Parnell - where do you start…. Sean – you were just the icing on the cake. A magical day for me but made perfect by knowing you were in control of the photography side of it. I think you capture the most amazing moments and the beauty of this special day. Thank you for your help and support the whole way through, there wasn’t a moment I had to worry about and you just knew what would work. Thank you for braving the heat – you made it look effortless and as they say the proof is in the pudding – WOW x

Leah Barnett - These are so beautiful Sean – well done! xx

Deborah O'Callaghan - Just incredible…you both look amazing! Xxx

john (and nikki) dickenson - stunning photos

Lynda Temple - Brilliant photos of an amazing wedding. Thank you Sean.

Lulu Parnell - These are amazing! Love them so much!!

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Barn at Bury Court Wedding Photographer

Often when I get to the brides house on the morning of a wedding and everyone says how relaxed things are, I worry. Often everyone realises that its later than they thought and chaos ensues! This was not the case on Charlotte and Alex’s wedding. Charlotte was super relaxed and stayed that way.  Everyone enjoyed the Champagne while getting ready before heading for the church. The priest was also very relaxed and even showed me the best places to go and asked me onto the altar when blessing the rings! The Routemaster took everyone to the Barn at Busy Court. A great venue that I have photographed at a few times.

Charlotte really wanted a sunset shot. As it got darker, I didn’t think we would get a great sky but we went out anyway. Out of nowhere, the sun shone through just as it disappeared behind the hills. The speeches were fantastic and led straight into the cutting of the cake and first dance. The band managed to keep everyone dancing all night. That and the Jagerbombs! Here is just a selection of images from their wedding. Feel free to share or comment.

The army officer groom before the ceremonyBridal Preparation imageThe mother of the bride helping her to get into her dressPhotographed into a mirror, the bride putting her dress onCharlotte putting her earrings onCharlotte putting her lipstick onThe bride putting her veil onA portrait of the bride window lit in Black and WhiteThe mother of the bride watching the veil go onPhotograph of the bride before the ceremony in Black and WhitePhotograph of the groom in uniform waiting for the brideIn the church, the father of the bride walks his nervous daughter down the aisle of the churchA wide angle view of the church in black and whiteA Image of a military sword at a army weddingThe first kiss at the end of the aisleThe wedding ring going on the grooms fingerThe bride laughing during the ceremonyBride and groom kissing under a guard of honour made of swordsThe brides brother congratulating herArmy officer at a wedding The Bridesmaids admiring the ring The wedding breakfast set up at the Barn at Bury CourtGuests enjoying the champagne at bury courtGuests enjoying the canapés outsideA portrait of Charlotte and Alex having a kiss The bride and groom having a moment together in a fieldHaving a private laugh outside bury courtA quick kiss by a gate Bride and Groom lit with off camera flash (Canon 600 RT) Sunset photograph of the bride and groom lit with a canon 600 off camera flash The happy couple enter the wedding breakfastWedding guest enjoying the receptionNatural image of a wedding guestSpeeches at the Barn at Bury CourtBride laughing at the groom during speechesA kiss from the brides motherSmiles from the guestThe best man in naval uniform delivering his speechAlex looking embarrassed A touching moment during the speeches Friends sharing a joke at the receptionThe first dance as well as a kiss!The father of the bride and his daughter have a danceLots of dancingA number of guests having a great time in the eveningEnjoying Jagerbombs! A Long exposure portrait at sunset

I hope you enjoyed this wedding I photographed at the Barn at Bury Court in Surrey. For more of my work, click my wedding photography blog.

I am a multi award winning photographer that captures weddings across the UK and abroad. I photograph about 50 weddings a year and design and supply albums by the best producers in the world. My approach is very relaxed, spending a large portion of the day capturing natural images of you, your family and guests. I also produce a collection of signature portraits of you and your other half and I am more than happy to orchestrate a few group shots. Last year, I was featured by the One Show on BBC1 where they followed me at a real wedding to show what a professional photographer does. The video of this is on my website to view.

As a wedding specialist, I truly understand the day itself. I am always on hand if you need any help. This can be before, during or after the wedding day. It’s amazing what I get asked and I  normally know the answer! For the past two years, I have won a regional award from the Wedding Industry Awards. These are particularly special as they are based on votes and comments by my previous couples. I pride myself on providing a great experience before, during and after your wedding.

Below are some links that you might find interesting:

My main website:
My blog which is updated a few days after every wedding:

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Stoneleigh Abbey Wedding Photographer

Stoneleigh Abbey Wedding Photographer

What an epic wedding! Manni and Dans wedding was split across the day. From early morning, we were with them to document the day at Stoneleigh Abbey. In the evening, we were joined by an additional 200 guests for a fantastic night of dancing and entertainment. Its amazing that, at 8.30 in the morning Manni was fully dressed with hair and make up! Dan wasn’t quite so ready but I think boys have it easier. The morning Service at Stoneleigh was a great wedding with lots of smiles. Dan was very happy not only to be marrying the love of his life but he was driven there at speed in an Aston Martin! After the wedding, everyone sat down for afternoon tea with crustless sandwiches and lots of cakes. The weather was perfect for it.

In the evening, we switched venues to the Hilton in Coventry where Manni and Dan were introduced into the room by Dhol Players which started a very energetic evening of dancing. Dan changed into his Tom Ford suit for the evening. The sound system kept everyone on the dance floor for the evening. Here is a small preview of their wedding. Please feel free to share or comment.

Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 001Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 002Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 003Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 004Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 005Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 006Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 007Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 008Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 009Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 010Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 011Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 012Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 013Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 014Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 015Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 016Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 017Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 018Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 019Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 020Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 021Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 022Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 023Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 024Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 025Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 026Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 027Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 028Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 029Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 030Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 031Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 032Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 033Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 034Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 035Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 036Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 037Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 038Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 039Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 040Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 041Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 042Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 043Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 044Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 045Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 046Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 047Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 048Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 049Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 050Indian Wedding Stoneleigh Abbey 051

Preet grewal - Absolutely great photos!!

Sharan Chana MasterClass - Beautiful pics so different great stills

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Northbrook Park Wedding

Northbrook Park Wedding

Here is the wedding of Elle and Andy at Northbrook Park. I have got to know them and their family and friends over the past few years as this is the third wedding for the same circle. Northbrook Park is a great wedding venue with everyone staying in modern apartments in the grounds. Elle’s apartment was full of bridesmaids, flowergirls as well as hair and make up. Despite all this, she was extremely calm. On the way down the aisle, one of the bridesmaids was very energetic in her petal scattering. This kept everyone very entertained! The ceremony was lovely with lots of emotional and funny moments. One of Elle’s friends even enjoyed it from abroad through FaceTime.

The treat of rain all day gave us some very dramatic skies as well as an amazing sunset. It really did look like the images below! Elle’s fathers speech was both touching and funny and the 2 best men did a great job of ripping into Andy. From previous experience, I knew their friends and family would dance. I am not sure they expected the bridesmaids to dance around them when they were having the first dance though! The guests were treated to Fish and Chips in the evening. I have never seen a queue of people for food at a wedding.

Here is a preview of their day. Please feel free to comment or share.

Northbrook Park Wedding 001Northbrook Park Wedding 003Northbrook Park Wedding 004Northbrook Park Wedding 005Northbrook Park Wedding 006Northbrook Park Wedding 007Northbrook Park Wedding 008Northbrook Park Wedding 009Northbrook Park Wedding 010Northbrook Park Wedding 011Northbrook Park Wedding 012Northbrook Park Wedding 013Northbrook Park Wedding 014Northbrook Park Wedding 015Northbrook Park Wedding 016Northbrook Park Wedding 017Northbrook Park Wedding 018Northbrook Park Wedding 019Northbrook Park Wedding 020Northbrook Park Wedding 021Northbrook Park Wedding 022Northbrook Park Wedding 023Northbrook Park Wedding 024Northbrook Park Wedding 025Northbrook Park Wedding 026Northbrook Park Wedding 027Northbrook Park Wedding 028Northbrook Park Wedding 029Northbrook Park Wedding 030Northbrook Park Wedding 031Northbrook Park Wedding 032Northbrook Park Wedding 033Northbrook Park Wedding 034Northbrook Park Wedding 035Northbrook Park Wedding 036Northbrook Park Wedding 037Northbrook Park Wedding 038Northbrook Park Wedding 039Northbrook Park Wedding 040Northbrook Park Wedding 041Northbrook Park Wedding 042Northbrook Park Wedding 043Northbrook Park Wedding 044Northbrook Park Wedding 045Northbrook Park Wedding 046Northbrook Park Wedding 047Northbrook Park Wedding 048Northbrook Park Wedding 049

Alice Brewster - Stunning

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