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As a wedding photographer with 300 weddings captured, I still love them and more so when there is something different about the day. Chinese weddings certainly offer this! It was 7.30am when Jason and the boys arrived at Tracy’s house to go through the ‘games’ that is traditional before the day can begin. These games included the boys all sucking on a lemon, one of them eating a VERY hot chilli and various other eating tasks. Jason also had a pop quiz all about Tracy which he thankfully passed with flying colours!

After a LOT of money was handed over in red envelopes to the bridesmaids, he was allowed in and the various traditions started. There were tea ceremonies in both their families houses before the wedding itself at Morden Hall in Wimbledon. This was Tracy’s 2nd dress of the day and looked amazing. After the reception drinks, it was off to China Boulevard in Wandsworth for the 11 course banquet! Of course this included the toasting of every table with Jason’s friends taking the majority of the alcohol on his behalf! What an amazing day, enjoy this sneak peek!

Tracy and Jason’s beautiful wedding in Morden Hall

Chinese-Wedding-Photographer-Groom and best man going through morning gamesChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Grooms party eating lemons during teh gamesChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Grooms Party drinkingChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Bridesmaids asking for money to enter the houseChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Groom trying to get in the houseChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Groomsman eating challengeChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Groom signing a contract to love his brideChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Groom paying to get in the houseChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Groomsmen collecting money to pay to get in the houseChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Tea ceremony with the parentsChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Gold jewellery going on during the tea ceremonyChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Tea CeremonyChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Bride leaving the house in traditional Chinese wedding dressChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Gold JewelleryChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Tea ceremony with guestsChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Gold bracelets being put on the bride Chinese-Wedding-Photographer-Bride with red umbrellaChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Portrait of bride and groomChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Ceremony Room at Morden HallChinese-Wedding-Photographer-ChineseCake Topper with Double Happiness symbolChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Western wedding dress hanging from the roofChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Wedding ShoesChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Make Up being appliedChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Bridal Make UpChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Close up of brideChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Portrait of bride looking out the window in western dressChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Portrait of teh bride from the top down highlighting her lashesChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Bride in her dressChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Bride walking down the stairs at Morden HallChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Brial Party walking down the aisle Morden HallChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Bride walking down the aisleChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Bride walking with her fatherChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Bride seeing her groom walking down the aisleChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Bridesmaids and parents during the wedding ceremonyChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Groom and Bride laughing during the ceremonyChinese-Wedding-Photographer-exchanging of ringsChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Wedding ceremony at Morden HallChinese-Wedding-Photographer-First KissChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Bride talking to bridesmaids and motherChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Bride and groom leaving teh ceremony roomChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Guests throwing confettiChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Groom being thrown in the air by his groomsmenChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Portrait of the bride against a wallChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Groom and Bride inside of Mrden HallChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Portrait of teh bride from behindChinese-Wedding-Photographer-bride and groom practise their first danceChinese-Wedding-Photographer-bride and groom laughingChinese-Wedding-Photographer-window lit portrait of the bride and groomChinese-Wedding-Photographer-outdoor portrait of bride and groomChinese-Wedding-Photographer-backlit portrait of the bride with the sun hitting her veilChinese-Wedding-Photographer-bride and groom on the bridge at Morden HallChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Portrait of teh bride and groom by the thames river in WandsworthChinese-Wedding-Photographer-wedding guests at the wedding breakfast chines buffetChinese-Wedding-Photographer-wedding breakfast room with chinese lanternsChinese-Wedding-Photographer-wedding guests drinking whiskyChinese-Wedding-Photographer-bride and groom drinkingChinese-Wedding-Photographer-guests celebrating and toasting teh coupleChinese-Wedding-Photographer-toasting by the wedding coupleChinese-Wedding-Photographer-toasting the wedding coupleChinese-Wedding-Photographer-groomsmen toasting teh groomChinese-Wedding-Photographer-nighttime portrait by the river in LondonChinese-Wedding-Photographer-Bride and Groom portrait at nighttime with a bokeh background

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