Clearwell Castle Wedding Photographs

Clearwell Castle Wedding Photographs

This year, more and more couples are booking me from abroad. Laura and Pete are from the UK but are now very settled in Australia. Through email, Facebook and telephone, we have got to know each other over the last year or so and I was really looking forward to their day. Clearwell Castle in the Forest of Dean is a great wedding venue and certainly lends itself to the dramatic weather we had on the day. As always, the boys were no way near ready when I got to them but Pete turned out to be one of the few grooms or ushers that can tie a cravat.  Laura was incredibly calm when I got to the girls and was in her dress in plenty of time to get used to wearing it.

The service was lovely and it was made all the more special by the fact that their friend played the organ for all the hymns. As you may see by the images, the skies absolutely opened when we were capturing a few images of Laura and Pete together. This may not be ideal circumstances but I think the shot in the archway is a lovely moment between them after they ran for cover. After the emotive and funny speeches came the first dance. This was followed by what is apparently a tradition amongst them and their friends to do what is referred to as the ‘Chicken Dance’. The boys roll their trousers up and well, dance like chickens. I get the feeling that the green shots that were going around may have contributed to the enthusiasm put into this!

Here are just a selection of images from their day. Feel free to comment, leave a message or ‘Like’ the collection.

Just as a side note, at this wedding I was filmed by the BBC for the One Show for a 5 minute film showing what a ‘professional’ photographer does at a wedding. I would just like to say a big ‘Thank You’ to Sarah the vicar for letting us in with a film crew, Val at Clearwell for looking after me and especially to Laura and Pete for allowing the BBC into their special day.

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  • Pete (The Groom)

    Sean you are a magician – photos are spectacular. We have a balcony view over the grand canal in Venice and all I can do is look at these photos… amazing…

  • Kathryn Janes

    wow, wow, wow. They’re stunning. I love the way you use light to create completely original, creative images. From the reflection one at the end to the one with the light shining through her veil and so many fun shots that capture the emotion and fun of what looks like a magical day. Lovely.

  • Niki Waldegrave

    Wow Sean, absolutely breathtaking photos that captured such a magnificent day. Truly stunning!

  • Laura Roberts

    They truly are amazing pictures Sean. You did a fabulous job and I can’t wait to see more…

  • Ciara (Bridesmaid!!)

    Sean, these are AMAZING!! Absolutely gorgeous photos and you managed to capture the day perfectly 🙂

  • […] Images from Laura & Petes Clearwell Castle Wedding […]

  • Paul Rogers

    Sean, this is a great set of pictures. I love your off camera lighting, especially on the dance floor, but the shot of everyone photographing the bride and groom as they enter the reception is my favourite.

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