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What is Editorial / Fashion Wedding Photography?

Photo of bride and groom in Canary Wharf in London on their wedding day

This dramatic image was actually captured very quickly. Fashion Wedding Photographers can spend a long time getting everything perfect

Think of your day as a fashion shoot. You have styled it for months and want to have amazing portraits of you and your other half. Having a fashion style wedding photographer will result in having amazing portraits of the two of you. The lighting set up’s will be a lot more complex and the styling itself a lot more involved. Not everyone want to spend 3 hours or more with their photographer for portraits at their wedding but those that do, this is the perfect choice.

Bride and Groom standing in the rain in a field at Bury Court Barn on a winters day

It’s great to have some dramatic portraits from your wedding.

There is a cost to having this style of photographer. You will be away from your guests for a prolonged period of time. Your guests will not have as much opportunity to be with you and you may well miss out on having a great range of natural images of your guests enjoying your day unless you have a second photographer. If you love the editorial style of wedding photography but don’t want it to take up lots of time on your wedding day, it may well be worth while booking another day where you can get all dressed up and have a fun shoot with no time pressures and still get those amazing images!

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