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Sapphires Nursery contacted us because they were disappointed with their current Pre School photography. They wanted photographs where the children looked more relaxed, with natural non-forced expressions. We were very happy to help out. Their previous photographs like at many other nurseries were against a high-key white background. However we feel that asking a 2 year old child to sit in a certain place, look in a specific direction and smile a lovely natural smile on demand is a bit much to ask. If you combine that with only allowing allowing a couple of minutes per child, it’s not surprising that lots of nursery and pre school photographs are a let down and the children not really looking like them.

Natural Nursery School Photography

We wanted to do something different. We also felt that as parents what we really wanted from school or nursery photographs was to get a little glimpse into their day. To see them engrossed in playing with toys, drawing a picture or running around with big smiles on their faces. Those are the photographs that would mean the most to us. Not a staged, unnatural and forced image of children looking uncomfortable. We photographed the children wherever they felt the most comfortable, whether that was playing with bricks or riding a trike. What was important was that they felt comfortable.

We’re really excited to be able to share some of the images (for which we have permission from their parents). If you would be interested in us photographing at your nursery or pre school please give us a call on 01275 568669 or contact us using the form to the right. We are based in Bristol but would be more than happy to travel further afield (including London) for Nursery School Photography.

School Photography BristolBristol School PhotographyBristol Nursery PhotographerNursery Photography Bristol

School Photographers BristolNursery Photographers Bristol

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