Reportage Wedding Photography

What is reportage / photojournalistic / documentary wedding photography?


Church wedding with the rings being lost down the drain

The wedding rings had fallen down the drain! You can’t plan for a shot like that!

What is reportage wedding photography?  Often described as ‘natural’ photography by the brides and grooms that I speak with, reportage wedding photography is the art of catching all those little moments with no interaction from the photographer. A good photographer is a natural ‘people watcher’ and will be able to observe people and anticipate the moment that is about to occur. For instance, at a wedding rather than interrupt a group of friends having a chat and ask them for a photo, they will watch, wait and anticipate a key moment. Often the punch line to a story or joke that’s being told. The result is a great natural shot of the couples friend enjoying themselves at the wedding.

Reportage Wedding Photography is about telling the story of the day from an observers point of view

Photojournalists will spend time moving around the wedding looking for potential moments to record. There are many wedding photographers that are ‘pure photojournalists’ who do not do manage any part of your day. This includes no family groups, no portraits of the bride and groom, just a record of what happened as it happened. Being a pure photojournalist and doing it well is one of the hardest jobs. With no orchestration of anyone, getting an amazing collection of images is quite a task and those that do it well do an amazing job!

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