Tom & Sarahs Garden Party Wedding Photographs

Garden Party Wedding Photographs

I always said that I would never photograph a friends wedding. That was until Tom asked me. We used to have offices next door to each other and would plan to take over the world on our occasional lunch breaks out of the office. Tom and Sarah are such a happy couple. From when I got to Sarah in the morning, she was so excited to be getting married. The Church in Droxford looked great. Toms grandfather actually built a number of the wooden pieces still used in the church today. On their 2nd date, they shared a tandem bike ride. Sarah says that it was during this that she started to fall in love with Tom so it was very fitting that they left the church on their very own tandem. The rest of the day was spent in the gardens of Toms grandmothers house which was next door to the church. With the theme of hats. there was a great selection that later were worn more by the men than the women! After a relaxed dinner, the first dance set the pace for the evening. The dance floor never calmed down until the couple left in a blaze of sparklers. I am so happy for the two fo you, have a fantastic honeymoon Guys, I hope you like this small selection of images!

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  • Pauline Messenger

    What wonderful images and what a lovely wedding. It looks like they had such fun. I adore lots of them but especially all the dancing ones and the gorgeously romantic couple shots. I also think the sparklers at the end is a fantastic idea and looks totally fab.

  • Sean, The emotions captured here across the collection are wonderful, the tandem shots are lovely as are the dancing images. Congrats on creating such a lovely collection.


  • kirsty lewis

    Wow the last photo is fantastic. you have captured the total event brilliantly

  • You have truly captured the absolute delight, love & fun that the wedding was all about. Gorgeous photos of treasured moments! Thank you for sharing. It was a remarkable day.

  • Rachel Barnard

    Sean the photos are AMAZING…you’ve captured the day beautifully. But thank you sooo much for being such a fab and calming influence in the build up too – and so discreet. Couldn’t be a better set of pictures.

  • claire ginny

    I had to miss this wedding and have been waiting with bated breath for pics. These are truly stunning.
    Sarah is such a dear friend and I knew she and the wonderful Tom would have a blast, but really, so many of these pics take my breath away.
    Write off being productive this afternoon as I pore over them!
    Thank you for capturing it so brilliantly for sadly absent friends.
    Watch out for lots of new clients on my recommendation!
    Ginny Claire x

  • Belinda Williams

    So sorry I missed the wedding. I have been anticipating photos ever since tim came home telling me about the great day. These photos are truly amazing! Everyone looks like they had such a fantastic day, especially Tom and Sarah! Again these photos are just amazing!

  • Ian Fussell

    Fantastic photos that captured a great day and very happy Tom & Sarah.
    Got it spot on.

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