Surrey Wedding Photographer featured on the BBC One Show

Wedding Photographer featured on the BBC One Show

A few months ago, I was amazed and delighted when the Commissioning Editor from the One Show contacted me and asked if they could feature me on the show. He had seen me at a wedding I shot at Clandon Park in Surrey and wanted to create a short film to show people what I do on a wedding day. They wanted to ensure the film was made at a real wedding with everything shown as it would be at any wedding. I was delighted that a number of my couples agreed for their day to be filmed. Laura and Pete’s wedding was chosen as it suited everyones diary.  You can see images from their wedding by clicking HERE. The venue was Clearwell Castle in Gloucestershire and the weather was changeable to say the least!

On the day, it was quite an experience. Not only did I have to capture the wedding for the bride and groom and their family but all with a presenter, producer and camerman following me around. It took a bit of time to forget they were there. I have also never had to articulate what I do. I know in my head what I am trying to achieve and translating that to the camera was a challenge. Overall, it was a great experience and below is the clip from the Show.

Possibly this is not the last you might see of me on the BBC….

Surrey Wedding Photographer featured on the One Show

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  • What a brilliant video. Well done Sean for doing such a great job even with the production team hovering around. Beautiful images too.

  • Sandy Hoogveld

    Hey Sean, Fantastic TV debut, and beautiful images 🙂

  • jonathan

    just watched this for the first time and i’m very impressed! congratulations on getting on to the show, you deserve the recognition as you made the pictures for our day truly memorable.

  • Well done Sean, lovely video – I particularly love the shot at the end with the bride & groom reflected in the water.

  • Paul Ronan

    Lovely Video and great images, Well done, it is great to see a photographer who really knows how to capture directed images rather than posed.

  • Susan O'Dea

    Hey Sean, it’s been a while. Didn’t you do well! Very impressed and should I ever go there again, I know just who to call :-)! Love to Helen, and hope to catch up with you guys again one day. Sx

  • Sean Gannon

    Hi Susan, Great to hear from you. All going great here. How about you?

  • Susan O'Dea

    Ha ha Jacs, you don’t miss a trick do you? No nothing to report, and am sure you’ll be one of the first I’d tell if there was :-), As I’m sure I’d never hear the end of it. I’ve known Sean for a long time but usual story – get married, have kids, busy with work, lose touch with friends, friend does well, spot him on TV, you get in touch!!! (only joking Sean!)

  • Susan O'Dea

    Doing great, thx @[703662353:2048:Sean Gannon]. Assume you heard about Cliff and I? Chris sent through the link when he heard you’d been on the One Show. He’s kept me posted over the years so wasn’t surprised at your success. Am off to meet him in Wales in March for a spook night and some walking in the Brecons. Looking forward to some time outdoors but not so sure about the ghosts.

  • Remus Moise

    Wonderful work-so elegant!
    Happy to find you today!

  • Michelle Cross

    Thanks for the new like at This looks like a fantastic opportunity, you rocked it. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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