The One Show Wedding Photographer

The One Show Wedding Photographer 

Sean Gannon, The One Show Wedding Photographer

The One Show Wedding Photographer

Earlier this year, I captured Katie and Jamies Wedding (click here to see their images). It was a great day and I shot the wedding the best I know how. We were lucky enough to have a bright sunny day which has been very rare this year. During the wedding breakfast, I found the time to put together a quick slideshow of images from the day to show to guests. It went down very well and the night carried on with lots of dancing. When the sneak peek went live, it was very well received which was lovely. I then received a call out of the blue from the Deputy Commissioning Editor of the One Show. He had attended the wedding, seen my images and approach on the day and asked if I would like to be filmed for a segment on Wedding Photography. As you can imagine I was calm (at least in my head I tried to be calm) and said how pleased I would be to be part of something like that. That was of course until I got off the phone and jumped up and down and called Helen (my other half).

What a fantastic opportunity. Totally nerve wracking, but fantastic. Since then, I have had many calls and emails with both the production company and a couple of brides and grooms. I was blown away by how many couples agreed to be filmed for the show. It was just a matter of getting everyones diary right. I am delighted a nervous to say that the wedding they are filming is this weekend July 7th! We are at Clearwell Castle which is a very big venue so even if it rains, there is plenty of space. To say I am nervous / excited by this is an understatement. My priority is to Laura and Pete the bride and groom.  I have to shoot their wedding with a film crew following me around. It will be a challenge to try and act normal. For once it will be me in front of the camera! The piece is due for broadcast later in the summer. I just hope that it come across that I know what I am doing and not a total blithering idiot.

Laura and Petes wedding will be the next one on my blog so you will get to see some of the images before the broadcast. I aim to put the film on my YouTube Channel as soon as I can.

Wish me luck everyone!!!!

By Sean Gannon

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Andrea Hardy - Looking forward to seeing the footage! Well done!

Becky Lingwood - Good Luck, you’ll be great soon you will be photographer to all the stars! Have a good one.

Harriet Parsons - Glad we got in when we did! You are going to be an even more popular man from now on! very exciting for you :-)

Hamish Jordan - Nice!

Kathryn Andrews - What an amazing opportunity! I’d be a bit nervous too being filmed all day but they’ve chosen you for a reason – you’re great at what you do. I look forward to watching you on tv :o)

Oliver Olimix - All the best Sean Gannon.

Leah Bell - Break a leg Sean, you’ll be fantastic!

Helen Baldwin - Sooooo exciting!

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