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Weather always plays a big factor for couples getting married. Every different weather scenario brings its own challenges for the guests and the photographer. Too sunny and all the wedding guests squint in the images, too windy and the veil goes everywhere, Too wet and no one goes anywhere! Most of us hope for nice weather and lets not mention the chance of rain! When it comes to winter weddings, it really is potluck. Fewer daylight hours and a much higher chance of rain or even snow! I know a lot of photographers don’t undertake winter weddings. Me, I love them. I love the rich colours, the dramatic backdrops and the challenge of using what little light and time there is.

Of course the majority of my weddings happen in summer but I do like shooting a winter wedding. Despite the inclimate weather, we normally get some time for outside photographs and even if it’s the middle of a storm, I always find a space inside to create some portraits in addition to all the reportage and natural images. Below is a small selection of images taken outside last winter. Hopefully this shows that despite not always getting the best weather, you will still get a range of outdoor images to add to your album.

The bride arriving at the ceremony in the rain

The bare trees and the rain really add drama to this wedding image

The grooms and ushers walking to the church in winter

On the way to the church for a winter wedding

The bride arrives in the snow

This wedding had a foot of snow! Thankfully the bride was prepared.

Bride & Groom kiss at a castle in winter

The dramatic sky (as well as the duck!) add to this image.

A romantic moment for the bride and groom in the winter gardens

A little bit of winter sun makes this such a warm wedding couple image.

The couple kissing outside in winter

Winter Wedding

Rain doesnt stop the wedding day

I used and overhanging roof to protect the bride and groom. The lighting was lovely and they stayed dry!

Snow and sunshine for a christmas wedding day

2 days before Christmas and we couldn’t of hopes for a more picturesque weather. Snow and sunshine!

Sparklers light the way for a London Winter Wedding at Westminster Registry Office

A 4pm wedding in December in London, no natural light but sparklers look great!

Bride and Groom on a Routemaster bus on Regent street at Christmas

Regent Street on Christmas week is a great backdrop to this wedding image.

More snow and sunshine for the Christmas bride

Another snow and sunshine wedding

The bride in silhouette

I often photograph Silhouettes at weddings

Candle lit image of the bride and groom at Orchardleigh

I love the warm tones when inside at a winter wedding. Whether its candles or the electric light, the warm tones really offset the outside environment.

The Groom, Ushers and Cigars at night in winter

There is always time for the ‘GQ shot’ with the boys

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